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(Dec 19, 2017)
(Sep 29, 2016)
ooo hey Scuz =D
(Jul 03, 2016)
Hime?!?!? WTF?
(Feb 06, 2016)
4k monthly views wtf o.o
(Mar 16, 2013)
So who's still on undermine? I know Red is... come visit! =O
(Jan 09, 2013)
lalala~ lululu~ I just hope you are alive and well...
(Jun 17, 2012)
I'm playing Order and Chaos on my iPad/iPhone.
(Apr 19, 2012)
Yo yo yo, Realm Rank 20!
(Feb 06, 2012)
where the hell ar eyou lulu?
(Jan 17, 2012)
Bollocks. What's up party people?
(Dec 22, 2011)
Lulu. Email me. I miss your company. Don't take it the wrong way peoples, pure friendship.
(Dec 13, 2011)
ok guys if u still check in here and wanna play come and play with abyss
(Oct 27, 2011)
and hey where the heck are you lu / lukin ~.~ finally lost track of you two
(Oct 27, 2011)
My baby falls asleep to shat city music~!
(Oct 13, 2011)
how old do u want ress lol
(Oct 13, 2011)
any oldschool still read the site?
(Oct 03, 2011)
well hello there :)
(Mar 08, 2011)
But, if you love Toad with all your heat, wouldn't you die cold and alone?
(Mar 08, 2011)
Love you too Himie!
(Feb 25, 2011)
Hi Hime!